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How to get A Signed Personalized Copy of In Search Of A River

Jim Owen

December 2021 979-8-9852809-1-3

How to order your signed personalized copy:

Many of my followers have requested a signed copy of In Search Of A River and I'm happy to provide it.  However, in order to fulfill that request, you need to order direct from me, I can't sign a copy ordered from Amazon.  Books are in stock and I will immediately fill orders. Initial reader feedback has given the book great reviews. 

I can accept PayPal and Credit Cards to facilitate your order.  Simply click buy now


If you desire to pay by check, $19.99, you can mail a check to James Owen, PO Box 130844, Tampa FL 33681, state who you want the book personalized "To" and I'll sign and mail it out as soon as I get your order. Be sure to tell me who it goes to and the mailing address. 

For the first 100  (61 already sent 39 to-go) orders, I will send the book out postage paid so make your check out for $19.99.  Thanks. 


Dying Isn’t So Hard.  I Did It 4 Times Today

That’s a text I sent to good friends John Haney and Earl Williams late in the afternoon of February 8, 2011. John said since I’m known as a jokester they naturally thought it was that me joking around and they were waiting for the punch line.  It hit them hard when I explained no I did….I died 4 times but I’m alive!  Having a severe heart attack and dying that day sure wasn’t on my to-do list, it came unexpectedly and at a horrible time but heart attacks and death don’t ever come at the most convenient times.  It did fit in God’s timing as he knew my life was about to be very hectic and challenging so he knew the time was right to get this out of the way and use it as a time to get my attention, my full attention.  He did.  

To order a signed copy, click here!


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